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Contact Sales has been a successful distribution arm for mainstream PC products in both the software and hardware arenas for over 17 years and today brings the same focused energy into publishing in its own right under the Excalibur brand. Ever mindful of changing market conditions, we are launching our own digital download system aimed squarely at continuing to include retail in the rapidly growing digital download sales space.

We are as proud of our partnerships with software developers and publishers as we are of our relationships with retailers and e-tailers.

These affiliations have grown in strength and numbers over the years. 
Merge Games is a champion of the 'indie' game and have made a big impact in both digital and retail sales. Train Simulator has been a key product in our portfolio over the last four years with new versions adding to its strength and popularity each year. We are able to further enhance this simulation experience with our Raildriver Cab Controller. Furthermore our range of specialist peripherals also includes the veteran manufacturer CH Products which offer joysticks, yokes and pedals that work with a wide range of PC software. 

The company has always boasted a 'can do' attitude and we run a tight ship that keeps us fast on our feet with the ability to respond to the needs of the trade. Our distribution network extends beyond the UK, shipping products internationally through our retail and distribution partners on a truly global scale.

We warmly welcome you to our new trade website. If you are already registered with us you can log in to our trade page to gain access to live stock feeds 24 hours a day as well as valuable product information such as packaging artwork, screenshots, sales information and game footage. If not registered, please feel free to browse our website.

If you would like to register with us or open an account, please send us an
e-mail to trade@contact-sales.co.uk

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